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Starting out in the heart of Central Oregon and now spreading pure kettle corn taste and smell satisfaction throughout Oregon from our base in Salem, my children and I have worked together to create a true kettle corn masterpiece! We start with the finest quality ingredients, mix in our own love for kettle corn with enthusiasm to create the best tasting kettle corn you've ever eaten... guaranteed! Along with that we run a professional operation with a customer service first attitude, all in a fun and inviting environment. We then top it all off with choices of sizes and flavors of kettle corn with true value to the customer pricing.

Our kettle corn equipment is the newest state of the art equipment and is kept in impeccable condition throughout any event. With this we are able to adjust to the size of the crowd to virtually avoid any lines or waiting without having to pre-pop to keep up, or store our kettle corn for a big rush. This insures our customers receive the freshest kettle corn possible at any time during any event. Free samples are offered and promoted continuously, and we always offer new or seasonal flavors alongside the traditional ones to keep our customers engaged and interested whether it's their first or tenth visit. We can also pre-pop and bag offsite for smaller events or fundraisers and deliver the same quality product as we deliver at a live event. Visit our event schedule page for more information on different event types.

Attention Event Planners

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We all know there is no shortage of food and snack vendors for any venue... but the quality of those vendors can make the difference between a good show and an awesome event! We are here to help you make whatever event you have planned an awesome one... every time! We have a natural habit of going above and beyond the call. We'll make you look good!

If you're considering kettle corn for any event, please consider Pop-Aahs Kettle Corn. Contact us today and let us know what we can do to help enhance your event : )

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Gluten Free Kettle Corn

One of the many health related benefits of our kettle corn is that it is naturally gluten free. This whole grain, low calorie, low fat, low saturated fat, and cholesterol free snack is naturally a more healthy snack than most others, and that's a good thing... because it's so delicious and addicting! What it does have is protein, carbohydrates, and fiber... the good stuff we all need as part of our healthy daily diet. For complete estimated nutritional values of our varieties of kettle corn, check the printed label on our bags or click here.

We completely understand the allergy concerns a lot of folks have as our family is gluten free due to celiac, we are all lactose intolerant, and one of us has a severe peanut allergy. We keep our recipes simple and the ingredient list and allergy information available to view both online and at our event tent. We have all enjoyed every one of our products for many years and hope you and your family do as well. If you do have allergy concerns be sure to check with us before purchasing and/or consuming our kettle corn.

Got a craving for some awesome kettle corn? Check out the Events Calendar for a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly glance of where we are and where we'll be. Click on the details to view a map or even get directions from where you are. Know of a place you'd like us to be? Use the contact form or shoot us an email and we'll check it out. Have a gourmet flavor you just have to get? Let us know, we'll give it a shot. Check out the menu at the top of the page to see what we have cooking at the moment, we might just be on the same page.

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Top Name Brand Ingredients
Morton - Mazola - Magic Mushroom
C&H - Gold Medal